Voices from the Field

  • Kevin Jamison and Stephany Taylor
    Cincinnati Public Schools: Finding Common Ground with Professional Development
    Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) is at the forefront of delivering comprehensive professional development for teachers of students with disabilities. Almost all of our professional development is embedded in the daily lives of our teachers and its implementation is supported by all levels of district administration. Where appropriate, we do advocate for opportunities to provide teachers with professional development to gain information about a specific subject or skill in a short period of time. In our work, we have seen evidence of success, and in particular, the support services for students with significant needs has improved because of quality instruction with a foundation of solid, integrated professional development.
  • Professional Learning Platforms for a Large Suburban District
    Katy ISD is the second fastest growing district in the state of Texas, which presents challenges for offering high-quality professional development opportunities for all special education staff members that is effective and provides a consistent message of district expectations for student achievement and individual growth. Katy ISD embarked on a mission to provide multiple platforms for professional development for teachers, paraprofessionals and administrators. This article delves into some of the different ways that we meet our adult learner needs.
  • Dan Habib
    Dan Habib: Filmmaking, inclusion and being the parent of a child with a disability
    Dan Habib, a filmmaker, describes his personal experiences raising a son with a disability and his transition into producing films focusing on inclusion of students with disabilities. He has endeavored to become an advocate for inclusion by highlighting the possibilities, conveying a parent's perspective, and by influencing how we think of inclusive education, students with more significant disabilities, and soon the IQ test. Dan’s past and upcoming projects are highlighted in this in-depth biography.
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis at BPS
    Applied Behavioral Analysis in the Boston Public Schools
    What is Applied Behavior Analysis and how does it’s incorporation into classrooms impact students? Take a deeper look into the principles of ABA and the story of two pilot programs implemented in Boston Public Schools.
  • Ron Walker: How the Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color is transforming a national narrative
    Ron Walker, the Director of the Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color (COSEBOC), discusses his inspiration for starting his organization and transforming the national narrative surrounding men of color. The Urban Collaborative and COSEBOC discuss the future of collaboration between the two organizations.
  • Liz Keenan: Addressing disproportionality through adaptive leadership
    Liz Keenan, the former Assistant Superintendent of St Paul Public Schools discusses addressing the challenge of disproportionality in St Paul Schools and how adaptive leadership helped lead to systemic change.