Membership and Benefits


Since 1994, the Urban Collaborative has provided exceptional leadership development and networking opportunities uniquely designed to support urban special and general education leaders.

The mission of the Urban Special Education Leadership Collaborative is to support district leadership to improve outcomes and life opportunities for students with disabilities. We do this by supporting members' leadership skills and engaging them in collective engagement activities to influence policy, improve practice, and guide research in support of students with disabilities.

The Urban Collaborative also brings timely and critical issues from the field as well as strategies to address these issues to the forefront of district leadership.

If you are a district leader committed to improving the educational opportunities and outcomes of your students with disabilities, we invite you to become a member of this vibrant and growing national community.

Member Benefits

Member Meetings

The Urban Collaborative holds two semi-annual, members-only, national networking meetings each year. During these meetings, special and general education leaders from across the country come together to share resources, research, and ideas on "what works and why" in urban school districts. They also have opportunities to hear inspiring speakers and to work collaboratively on developing practical, real-world strategies to the challenges they face within their own districts.

Each member district, regardless of size, receives one free registration for each member meeting. We encourage Member districts to register additional participants; however, subsequent participants are charged a registration fee. Registration fees cover participant materials, breaks, reception, and Friday luncheon.

Note: It is not required that the Member or Associate from the district attend. He or she may send any district staff person in his or her place.

Member Meeting Airfare

Member districts receive paid airfare to the semi-annual meetings. The number of airline tickets paid for by the Urban Collaborative depends upon a school district's size:

  • Small school district (less than 15,000 enrolled students): Membership fee pays for one participant's airfare per meeting.
  • Medium school district (between 15,000 and 50,000 enrolled students): Membership fee pays for two participants' airfare per meeting.
  • Large school district (more than 50,000 enrolled students): Membership fee pays for three participants' airfare per meeting.

For members who do not require airline travel, the district can substitute their airline cost benefit for extra participant registration fees. As with airline tickets, the number of registration fees paid for by the Urban Collaborative depends upon the school district's size.

Subscriptions and Resources

Member districts receive subscriptions to the CollabNews, the monthly electronic newsletter.

These publications summarize policy changes and research of significance to urban special education, spotlight the work and accomplishments of our member districts, and announce Urban Collaborative activities. CollabNews provides highlights of policy changes, research, and professional development opportunities. Urban Perspectives goes more in-depth with articles written by our members and nationally renowned scholars. We also publish information on positions available in the field, funding opportunities, webinars, and resources from partner organizations.


Member districts receive access to the Members Only section of the Urban Collaborative's website, where members and associate members can:

  • View notes, PowerPoint presentations and videos from past meetings
  • Share information with other member districts
  • Access contact information for colleagues from across the country