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Member Meetings

What are Member Meetings?

The Urban Collaborative Member Meetings are an opportunity to connect with district leaders across the United States to discuss equity and inclusive practices! These are offered Bi-Annually, and are open to any school districts that are a current member with Urban Collaborative. 


This conference offers a variety of sessions and activities to foster discussion and problem solving:

  • Consultancy Protocol
  • School Visits
  • Expert Keynote Speakers
  • Size-a-like Sessions
  • Town Hall Sessions
  • District Presentations
  • Worldcafe Sessions
  • Performances from Local School Districts

Urban Collaborative Meetings have also covered a wide variety of relevant and hard hitting topics including Youth Empowerment, Anti-racist Practices, Integrating Special Education within General Education, and more!

If you'd like to find out more about our upcoming Member Meeting or about becoming a Member School District, email us at urbancollaborative@asu.edu.