What Are CollabTalks?

CollabTalks are interactive zoom meetings hosted by Urban Collaborative and a guest presenter on an issue or barrier that the speaker has worked to remove in their schools to ensure equitable access to all students. If you would like to attend these live, click the button below to see our upcoming CollabTalks!

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Prior CollabTalks


Join Facing History & Ourselves to discuss how did we as a society arrive at this place of profound educational inequity, and what can we do about it as educators? Jeremy Nesoff will give an overview of Facing History & Ourselves Teaching for Equity & Justice (TEJ) program that focuses on educator mindsets and strengthens school and district approaches to building a culture where everyone thrives. Their approach begins with an examination of self. Through interactive pedagogy, educators examine historical access to and the purpose of education. With that historical context, they explore current systems of inequity. The shifts in policies and practices that they encourage lead to more equitable student interactions and outcomes.
Join Think College and Urban Collaborative for discussion about access to college for students with intellectual disability. This is an opportunity to hear from experts across the country about supporting successful transitions for students with intellectual disability from secondary education into higher education. Filmmaker Dan Habib of the Westchester Institute for Human Development will facilitate the panel, along with other expert panelists.
Join us for webinar with Dr. Gholnecsar (Gholdy) Muhammad to dive into culturally and historically responsive literacy. Dr. Muhammad is the author of the best-selling book Cultivating Genius: An Equity Model for Culturally and Historically Responsive Literacy, and her Culturally and Historically Responsive Education Model has been adopted across thousands of U.S. schools and districts across Canada.
Join us for a discussion with Dwaine Millard, from Scholastic, and Christian Adair, from Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center, discussing the power of mentorship as a strategy to build equity in school/community partnerships. They highlight how literacy and books can be used as a platform to empower students, families, and volunteers. We will also discuss a mentorship initiative that builds a culture of inclusion using literacy and the power of story that provides an opportunity to engage all students.
In this CollabTalk we discuss children who have experienced trauma and the unique challenges in their personal and academic lives. Stephanie Morgan- Harris, Kankakee School District 111 Supervisor of Student Support Services, proposes a professional development program to equip educators and school staff with strategies to build resilience in children who have experienced trauma.
Join us for a discussion with Lela Rondeau, the Administrative Coordinator of Instruction for the Los Angeles Unified School District's Division of Special Education! Students with disabilities (SWDs) often struggle to reclassify from being English learners to fluent English proficient – California has an assessment that students need to pass to be reclassified. LAUSD has an alternate reclassification method through the IEP team decision, using the state’s requirements in which the team distinguishes between language acquisition and processing deficits. Learn more about how IEP teams make this decision in this CollabTalk.